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General description

Four years ago Alfazero launched an ambitious research and development project aimed at creating a family of compact electric vehicles designed specifically for city use. Alfazero acquired a part of the cutting edge Florentine brand Rickshaw Electric and started developing prototypes based on the now famous three wheeled Electric Rickshaw. These prototypes gave Alfazero the opportunity to run numerous road tests aimed at perfecting the platform technology which serves as the foundation for the entire family of electric quadricycles that Alfazero is set to launch in 2016.
This compact and revolutionary vehicle has been completely developed in our design center with one of our most advanced team of engineers. Designed to accommodate 2 + 1 persons, at 2.2 meters long and 1.35 meters wide, it even has a large luggage compartment. Alfazero has created this vehicle to be extremely easy to use; not only to give it a competitive edge, this reflects our life philosophy and has been one of the driving forces behind the design of the vehicle. the vehicle has a distinctive style and passenger safety is a fundamental feature. The easily identifiable aesthetic and functional communication really make it unique. The vehicle integrates a front crash-box designed in three distinct sections realized with specific materials: foamed polymer, collapsible aluminum profiles and an undeformable structure in high-tensile steel. The chassis is completely made of aluminum to decrease the vehicle’s overall weight and increase autonomy. Easy entrance is assured by two moving doors with integrated anti-intrusion bars. These good looking vehicles offer fantastic performance, thanks to innovative powertrain driven by an asynchronous electric motor and powered by an energy reservoir built with cutting-edge lithium-ion battery that allows you to reach a maximum speed of 90 km an hour, ensuring fun and comfortable driving.

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