Our world is made up of clients who want to enhance and simplify people's lives by means of the innovative instruments and services which we help to devise and produce.


Enhancing customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.

Culture and Tourism

Enhancing the experience of tourists and travellers, promoting the local area and cultural heritage.

Public Administration and Municipal Services

Improving communication with public bodies, simplifying public services
Large-scale Retail

Satisfying the needs of increasingly demanding customers expecting accurate and detailed information.
Healthcare Services

Streamlining procedures, optimizing resource management and access to services.

Making journeys simpler and more enjoyable by keeping travellers informed.

Closer to customers, flexible with resources

Who we are, our vision, our goals
Our Mission

Freedom, innovation, connectivity
Our Partners

Overcoming our limitations to achieve what might otherwise seem impossible
Our History

Our background and experience
Ethical Code

Trust, responsibility, balance

Quality, transparency, sustainability
Customer and Supplier

General Terms and Conditions for purchase and sale of goods and service

Our products are designed to improve the quality of people's lives, by increasing their free we hope to help them can reach their full potential, in a clean and sustainable environment.
Charging stations

A complete range of products designed to easily charge electric vehicles in the city and at home
Electric vehicle

Compact and innovative, our Electric Quad is designed for sustainable urban mobility
Self service

Self-service solutions for a wide range of value-added services

Work with us




Blending the potential of members of staff to generate and develop ideas in pursuit of the best we can expect from ourselves and others.


Teamwork is at the heart of the Alfazero ethos: members of staff work together, sharing a common vision and goals, pooling resources, ideas and methods.

By creating a positive work environment, Alfazero encourages active listening, greater creativity and a broader outlook, all of which contribute to the development of innovative solutions.

By working together Alfazero makes it possible for everybody to share in joint success. Maximum involvement, with all staff giving their utmost, ensures that individual achievements help us to reach a common goal.

Alfazero sets great store by a lively, dynamic working environment open to innovation and change, where staff are ready to rise to new challenges, whilst being fully prepared to engage in dialogue and deal with problems.

At Alfazero we believe in the value of assessing the current landscape to identify and better understand underlying features and requirements. Open, constructive dialogue and a pro-active attitude are key features of this process.

At Alfazero we think that loving your job boosts motivation, helping you to identify and meet new challenges head-on with greater enthusiasm. It helps you to ask the right questions and explore new ground, making what seemed impossible possible.

At Alfazero we thrive on new challenges, passion for what we do and a desire to keep improving, learning and growing. Commitment and hard work are both stimulating and rewarding.



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