Our world is made up of clients who want to enhance and simplify people's lives by means of the innovative instruments and services which we help to devise and produce.


Enhancing customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.

Culture and Tourism

Enhancing the experience of tourists and travellers, promoting the local area and cultural heritage.

Public Administration and Municipal Services

Improving communication with public bodies, simplifying public services
Large-scale Retail

Satisfying the needs of increasingly demanding customers expecting accurate and detailed information.
Healthcare Services

Streamlining procedures, optimizing resource management and access to services.

Making journeys simpler and more enjoyable by keeping travellers informed.

Closer to customers, flexible with resources

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Freedom, innovation, connectivity
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Overcoming our limitations to achieve what might otherwise seem impossible
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Our products are designed to improve the quality of people's lives, by increasing their free we hope to help them can reach their full potential, in a clean and sustainable environment.
Charging stations

A complete range of products designed to easily charge electric vehicles in the city and at home
Electric vehicle

Compact and innovative, our Electric Quad is designed for sustainable urban mobility
Self service

Self-service solutions for a wide range of value-added services

Clients > Healthcare Services

We design our self-service kiosks to make payments for healthcare services (both cash and cashless) quick and easy, whilst at the same time ensuring the utmost privacy. The kiosks can also be used to book specialist appointments and print out personal details and results.

Main functions:

  • centralized-booking-centre functions offered even when operatives are not available, making it possible to book specialist appointments, tests and other health services at any time;
  • payment of healthcare fees, including cash and cashless payments (with prepaid cards, debit cards and credit cards);
  • provision of information regarding healthcare facilities (wards, internal services, etc.);
  • promotion of preventative measures and health tips.