Our world is made up of clients who want to enhance and simplify people's lives by means of the innovative instruments and services which we help to devise and produce.


Enhancing customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.

Culture and Tourism

Enhancing the experience of tourists and travellers, promoting the local area and cultural heritage.

Public Administration and Municipal Services

Improving communication with public bodies, simplifying public services
Large-scale Retail

Satisfying the needs of increasingly demanding customers expecting accurate and detailed information.
Healthcare Services

Streamlining procedures, optimizing resource management and access to services.

Making journeys simpler and more enjoyable by keeping travellers informed.

Closer to customers, flexible with resources

Who we are, our vision, our goals
Our Mission

Freedom, innovation, connectivity
Our Partners

Overcoming our limitations to achieve what might otherwise seem impossible
Our History

Our background and experience
Ethical Code

Trust, responsibility, balance

Quality, transparency, sustainability
Customer and Supplier

General Terms and Conditions for purchase and sale of goods and service

Our products are designed to improve the quality of people's lives, by increasing their free we hope to help them can reach their full potential, in a clean and sustainable environment.
Charging stations

A complete range of products designed to easily charge electric vehicles in the city and at home
Electric vehicle

Compact and innovative, our Electric Quad is designed for sustainable urban mobility
Self service

Self-service solutions for a wide range of value-added services

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Alfazero actively endeavours to enhance the quality of life of urban dwellers.


Alfazero products are designed to maximize access and choice in transport and services.

Alfazero provides innovative, sustainable solutions to help people get around town quickly. Our self-service kiosks offer immediate access to municipal facilities and urban services.

Alfazero provides services which help to free up space in town, encouraging the pooling and exchange of resources, as with car-sharing.

Alfazero seeks to break down boundaries and reduce the number of obstacles that we encounter about town on a daily basis (e.g. finding a parking space, getting stuck in traffic jams and gaining access to the town centre), by providing high-performance, compact electric vehicles.

Alfazero offers time-saving self-service products which cut down on waiting times.

At Alfazero we believe that innovation means reflecting on individuals' needs, on the environment and on the way society develops, in order to create something attractive and positive which will help people and enhance their lives.

At Alfazero our focus is firmly on innovation: we believe in the fundamental importance of creative thinking in the search for new solutions to everyday problems.

By increasing knowledge and know-how, by fulfilling individual and collective potential and by investing in people and ideas, we at Alfazero believe we can predict and cater for future changes in habits and lifestyle options.

At Alfazero we believe that staying connected, even physically, is fundamental to the growth of a person's potential. That is why we develop smart, compact vehicles which make travelling around town both simpler and more sociable.

Keeping connected helps us to spread knowledge and share efficient, inclusive solutions, optimizing the management of resources and minimizing waste.

In a well-connected town or city, the more accessible services are and the more efficient and intelligent the means of transport are, the higher the standards of quality of life and time management are. A well-connected city provides more opportunities to meet up and socialize.

Information and connectivity facilitate inclusion and participation, giving people the chance to air their opinions and feel part of the community they live in.

By connecting and sharing knowledge we can rediscover and renew our artistic and natural heritage and appreciate the value of cultural traditions and customs, relaunching the old ways and know-how whilst developing the new.