Our world is made up of clients who want to enhance and simplify people's lives by means of the innovative instruments and services which we help to devise and produce.


Enhancing customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.

Culture and Tourism

Enhancing the experience of tourists and travellers, promoting the local area and cultural heritage.

Public Administration and Municipal Services

Improving communication with public bodies, simplifying public services
Large-scale Retail

Satisfying the needs of increasingly demanding customers expecting accurate and detailed information.
Healthcare Services

Streamlining procedures, optimizing resource management and access to services.

Making journeys simpler and more enjoyable by keeping travellers informed.

Closer to customers, flexible with resources

Who we are, our vision, our goals
Our Mission

Freedom, innovation, connectivity
Our Partners

Overcoming our limitations to achieve what might otherwise seem impossible
Our History

Our background and experience
Ethical Code

Trust, responsibility, balance

Quality, transparency, sustainability
Customer and Supplier

General Terms and Conditions for purchase and sale of goods and service

Our products are designed to improve the quality of people's lives, by increasing their free we hope to help them can reach their full potential, in a clean and sustainable environment.
Charging stations

A complete range of products designed to easily charge electric vehicles in the city and at home
Electric vehicle

Compact and innovative, our Electric Quad is designed for sustainable urban mobility
Self service

Self-service solutions for a wide range of value-added services

Company > Ethical Code




Stating our code of behavior and values actively, transparently and openly.


Alfazero's adoption of a code of ethics means self-regulation, respect and promotion of rules regulating behavior, even for those working with us.

At Alfazero we believe that establishing a relationship with our stakeholders which is based on trust is essential; this is why we make a commitment to behaviour which is responsible, coherent and respectful of our values.

In order to promote a relationship based on mutual trust Alfazero is always open to other ideas, suggestions and criticism.

At Alfazero we believe that behaving responsibly means promoting positive, socially shared values and doing all we can to respect and encourage these both in-company and at a national and international level.

Foremost amongst the values we believe in at Alfazero is respect for the environment. We are committed to an eco-sustainable production process and eco-friendly products with reduced emissions and energy consumption.

At Alfazero we seek to promote the region we operate in, boosting the local economy by contributing to the promotion and growth of local industry.

At Alfazero we seek to respect the work of those who work with us, by encouraging professional development, cooperation and the reciprocal exchange of expertise, ideas and opinions.

At Alfazero we believe in the importance of promoting an understanding of legal standards, people's basic rights and our code of ethics.

At Alfazero we believe that having a balanced relationship with the people we work with means organizing resources in a way that is both harmonious and practical, sharing work out coherently.

At Alfazero a commitment to balancing the company's manufacturing requirements with respect for the environment is central to our vision. With this in mind, at Alfazero we do all we can to encourage energy saving, recycling and keeping wastage to a minimum.

Alfazero operates at both a local and a global level, with a commitment to socially responsible behaviour which offers a balanced response to the economic, environmental and social expectations of all those involved.

At Alfazero we seek to create close links between the local area and the company, highlighting and enhancing know-how and expertise whilst establishing a new balance between business and the local community which provides for increasingly integrated growth.