Our world is made up of clients who want to enhance and simplify people's lives by means of the innovative instruments and services which we help to devise and produce.


Enhancing customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.

Culture and Tourism

Enhancing the experience of tourists and travellers, promoting the local area and cultural heritage.

Public Administration and Municipal Services

Improving communication with public bodies, simplifying public services
Large-scale Retail

Satisfying the needs of increasingly demanding customers expecting accurate and detailed information.
Healthcare Services

Streamlining procedures, optimizing resource management and access to services.

Making journeys simpler and more enjoyable by keeping travellers informed.

Closer to customers, flexible with resources

Who we are, our vision, our goals
Our Mission

Freedom, innovation, connectivity
Our Partners

Overcoming our limitations to achieve what might otherwise seem impossible
Our History

Our background and experience
Ethical Code

Trust, responsibility, balance

Quality, transparency, sustainability
Customer and Supplier

General Terms and Conditions for purchase and sale of goods and service

Our products are designed to improve the quality of people's lives, by increasing their free we hope to help them can reach their full potential, in a clean and sustainable environment.
Charging stations

A complete range of products designed to easily charge electric vehicles in the city and at home
Electric vehicle

Compact and innovative, our Electric Quad is designed for sustainable urban mobility
Self service

Self-service solutions for a wide range of value-added services

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Ongoing improvement is what we aim for and seek to achieve by reflecting on, reassessing and redefining processes, procedures and roles.


Quality is a core feature of our philosophy. By improving efficiency and competitivity and making the most of the resources at our disposal, we can get things right first time.

We are aware that human resources play an active part in every process and believe it is essential to encourage all our staff to make a commitment to quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Our production process is driven by a commitment to quality. This helps us to achieve our goals effectively, constantly improving levels of customer satisfaction, time-to-market and brand image.

At Alfazero we endeavour to maintain complete transparency in all communications in order to foster enhanced cooperation, dialogue, the sharing of information and good behavior regarding all issues of public and social interest.

By adopting a transparent approach to communication we at Alfazero aim to: encourage involvement and the sharing of knowhow; attract constructive input for projects; create a sense of belonging and ownership.

At Alfazero we pursue a transparent approach to communications in order to enhance operational and strategic accountability, making it easier for everyone to understand and evaluate all moral, legal and ethical issues.

At Alfazero we manufacture products which play an active role in promoting global well-being, improving everyday quality of life, whilst ensuring that our production process keeps waste to a minimum.

At Alfazero we are committed to raising awareness of the need for a fairer and more harmonious future which safeguards the availability of our natural resources and eco-sustainability for our well-being and that of future generations.

At Alfazero our manufacturing process is driven by research and technological innovation, guaranteeing top quality matched by an efficient use of resources and materials..

At Alfazero we have installed a photovoltaic plant which allows us not only to be self-sufficient in energy terms, but also to feed the surplus renewable energy produced into our distribution system..

    Alfazero has held ISO 9001 certification since 1996.

    ISO 9001
    Alfazero has held ISO 9001 certification since 1996.

    ISO 9001 is a certification awarded to businesses which guarantee specific standards of quality for products and services, as well as making a lasting commitment to improving all-round customer satisfaction.

    Quality has always been a key feature of our company's philosophy. The aim of our quality policy is to constantly enhance the value for money and performance of our products, thereby improving our competitivity and outcomes for our clients and shareholders alike.

    We make a daily commitment to working "with" our quality guidelines, not "for" them. Our processes and procedures are practical and responsive and are put to constant use in our daily work. During the auditing process we are comfortable handling the documents which have punctuated our work throughout the year, making possible the continual improvements we are paid for and which we pride ourselves on.

    Quality Policy commitments are translated annually into an action plan of defined, measurable goals. At least once a year the Quality System is re-assessed to check it is effective and fit for purpose and, when necessary, modified to account for any market, technological or normative changes which may have arisen.

    Alfazero has been granted SA 8000 certification since 2007.

    SA 8000
    Alfazero has been granted SA 8000 certification since 2007.

    SA (Social Accountability) 8000 is an international certification guaranteeing the ethical nature of the production chain and cycle of the business it is awarded to.

    We at Alfazero believe that commitment to our staff, effective and transparent management of human resources and socially ethical behaviour are essential for the growth and development of the company and society at large. More specifically, in the Alfazero social accountability policy we undertake:

  1. to comply with all current national regulations, ILO and UN conventions and recommendations;
  2. to reject all practices that violate human rights in general and those of workers in particular (e.g. disciplinary procedures such as corporal punishment and/or physical or psychological coercion, child labour & discrimination in the workplace);
  3. to promote and improve safety conditions and the physical and psychological welfare of staff by means of preventative and corrective measures;
  4. to involve all suppliers of goods and services and to ensure their commitment to social accountability, in compliance with all normative requirements;
  5. to respect and support the company's stated principals of Social Accountability.

  6. Communications and Suggestions

    If you should wish to make any suggestions or raise any issues regarding our Social Accountability charter, please send an email to

    Since 2002 Alfazero has been officially listed in the MIUR.

    MIUR Register
    Since 2002 Alfazero has been officially listed in the MIUR.

    Since 2002 Alfazero has been officially listed in the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) Register of Research Laboratories for work in the fields of "Integrated Engineering" and "Telematics, Robotics and Computer Imaging & Graphics" (code 53072KGY) .

    By signing up to the Register of Research Laboratories with MIUR accreditation, we at Alfazero have constantly sought to highlight the quality and innovative features of our products, our commitment to research and development and the professionalism of our human resources.
    At Alfazero we constantly invest in technological development and innovation, conducting on-going projects with leading Italian research centres and universities, financing innovative projects in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software for ICT applications.